Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Today I have lots of sewing to do - and I'm not in the mood.
Does this happen to you too?
But it has to be done as I promised someone.
So what to do ??

Kettle on.. check
Get the iPod and find the "pull your finger out" playlist ... check  (the boy has been known to assume role of "King Of Music" and delete any playlists that he thinks are not worthy - I wasn't happy as a new favourite one that I had created was culled.  He is no longer King Of Music)
Put iPod on loud (sorry neighbours) ... check
Stop reading blogs ... check
Do not click on Pinterest
Turn off the computer
Stop procrastinating.

See you on the other side hopefully with pics of some finished bits and pieces.

Hmm I have a sudden urge to scrub the floors and clean the oven ..... and have I hidden chocolate somewhere in the pantry?
Procrastination ... it's an art form!


  1. Well, in solidarity...its 11.47 and I was beside myself with excitement at a day in my home BY MYSELF- and a relatively blank canvas...I wanted to get a recipe off the internet- mouse wasn't working, yep, the crank up the music- well, I found out that the stereo doesn't work without the remote...so that got me a bit cranky...anyway, I frittered around (ok- procrastinating) and here I am now, reading blogs! How's your sewing going? I am mid quilt...and there is a deadline...see you on the other side- I hope!

  2. Oh Pinterest is such a time waster here too. I would be a productive one if the internet wasnt such a distraction.
    I love the wren fabric and have often admired this Ink & Spindle design. I may have to add a length to my Christmas wishlist.


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