Friday, 28 September 2012

3 kids and a fabric shop sale...

Yep, this could be a recipe for disaster but surprisingly it wasn't.
OK I was flirting with danger but it had to be done.
The Amitie sale finishes tomorrow and my sister in-law has asked for a couple of baby throw rugs/wraps for some friends.
The kids were fabulous with the big boy being the most helpful and interested.
The normally crafty Miss number 2 was the one muttering "can we go yet??"with lots of sighing - I think she is moving into the very beginnings of the "So, you know, like, er no way (insert eye roll)" phase.  I told her she could choose a fat quarter to take home which perked her up a bit.  (Bribery is a legitimate parenting tool isn't it ??)
The smallest was happy choosing and re-choosing fabric and ensuring that her little pet-shop friend (who had travelled in her pocket) enjoyed the shop.
All up we were in there for about 50 minutes - maybe more.  I know!  Amazing!!!
The baby wraps are cut out ready for some running stitches to hold them together before I bind them.
I have some t-shirts ready for some hand stitching too,
but I should really go and be super nice to my kids.  They were (well, are) amazing!
Gotta love those moments when it comes together...
Hope your moments are.

Apologies for the shadowy pics but this is the view out our backdoor.  A little burst of winter in Spring.  Aaah, Melbourne.

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  1. Holy cow. Are you sure you didn't accidentally sedate the kids? And during SALE time as well?!?!?!


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