Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Ohjoh Pop-Up Online Shop & a kinda giveaway

I've touched on this here before but, basically, cancer sucks the big one!
It touches so many people in many different ways.
My grandmother was a victim, my sister is a survivor and my Mum is in her third year of trying to beat it.

So, its time to do something good.

One of my sisters (the survivor!), her partner and one of my brothers are joining the 200km bike ride on Oct 27-28th to raise funds for the Peter Mac Cancer Hospital in Melbourne.

I'm unable to ride (ok, ok I'm too unfit, too lazy and don't have a bike) so I'm helping by creating a Pop-Up Online Shop for the month of September.  ALL proceeds from any sales in this shop will be donated directly to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Hospital (via my brother's sponsor page).

The shop is called Ohjoh-kids (on Made-it).
Kids clothing and pyjamas, handmade and/or decorated by me.
Girl's T-shirt sz 4
Boy's Pj's sz 6

Girl's Pj's sz 8
Girl's T-shirt sz 3

All of the fabrics, clothing and labour have been donated so that every cent of the purchase price will be forwarded to Peter Mac.

If you could share this with your friends I would really appreciate it.

In fact, if you pop a mention of the Ohjoh Kids shop on your blog or Facebook page and leave me a comment telling me that you have,  I'll put you in the draw for a surprise bit of handmade goodness that we'll draw in late October.

Who know's, one day the money raised could help create a treatment that saves the life of someone you love.



  1. Your work is beautiful. I've been following you around this morning..not intentionally..so thought I'd pop in and see you!

  2. I love your work too. Thanks for doing this pop up shop, I hope you sell all and more than make up for not cycling :-) I bought a lovely t-shirt and blogged http://craftyjoe.blogspot.com.au/


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