Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Long ago in a galaxy far, far away .....

I ran a giveaway.

This lovely lady won and has been patiently waiting and waiting and waiting.
She must have been wondering whether this was some sort of scam as the months have ticked by and nothing has arrived.

But at last, with kids at school and some time on my hands (ie chosing to ignore the dirty clothes, floors and bathrooms), Australia Post delivered these goodies to her on Monday.
Thank you for your patience Hilary. I hope you enjoy them !!
(Next time there is a giveaway, I promise to be a little more prompt with the follow through ....)




  1. looks worth the wait to me, lucky Hilary

  2. Gorgeous! (And housework is completely over-rated)

  3. Definitely worth the wait...they are truly gorgeous. Thanks so much Jenny!


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