Monday, 6 February 2012


It's going to be a year of change here.
A big change started today.
My smallest joined the bigs and went to school.
Lots of excitement and no need for hand holding (from her anyway).
A really big smile, a quick kiss and she was off ... leaving her Mum feeling quite lost.
When she was 3 and ferocious I would count down the days.
Now the day has come ... and I'm not cheering and doing the happy dance that I had always imagined. I'm a bit lost and do miss her.
I have a had a little person attached to me for over 10 years.
She did reassure me last week that at least I would have the dog and the goldfish to keep me company.
Hmmm, change ... sometimes it takes a bit to get used to.


  1. Wow! Big change alright! A new stage in life that's for sure! x

  2. Oh gorgeous, i just bought new shoes & sneakers for my 4, i'm sure a small car costs less!! So exciting when the last little ones joins the primary school set, enjoy while you've got them all in one place - i had 4 at the same school for 2 years, it was magic. Now i am always leaving & cutting off after school fun to head to high school, sigh.
    We resume school tomorrow, they are excited, for my high schooler it has been 8 weeks!! Love Posie

  3. Oh I totally get this!
    Two to school and one to kinder for me this year - and that feels 'odd' enough.
    Take it easy on yourself - it's a big change to deal with.

  4. Just go ahead and enjoy your freedom.
    When shall we meet for a coffee?

  5. my house is a little empty toooooooooo. x

  6. My youngest started prep this year too - he was so exited. So now I have a grade 4, 2 and prep. Enjoy the quiet - I am :)
    Hope she has settled in well, makes it much easier for you.


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