Thursday, 9 February 2012

Slip, Slop ...Ouch

This is what you get when you're slack about the Slip, Slop, Slap*.

Slip, Slop, Snip and off to pathology to make sure they're not slip, slop, ugly.

Now for a couple of days I am a slip, slop, freakshow sitting on the couch with a quilt or embarrassing my kids at school and sport pick ups!

(PS. Don't forget your hat!)

* For those that don't know it's an anti-skin cancer campaign.


  1. Good that you are onto it now though, Jenny...even if it means bandaids on your face. Take care.

  2. When we were away camping the suncream DID NOT WORK. We all copped a grilling. Ugh. Well done you for being on the case.

  3. Best to get onto it early young lady.
    I saw a tutorial the other day for fabric covered bandaids. Just "heat & bond" some pretty scraps to your bandaids.
    Might brighten your day - or embarrass the kids a bit more - can't hurt :)


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