Monday, 29 August 2011

Raiders Of The Fabric Stash

Kids grow so quickly.

Summer clothes from last year are a bit hit and miss in the 'fitting" department, and as we're about to go sun hunting (ie holiday in QLD) my kids need new clothes.

As the result of some, aah, lets call them budget miscalculations (oopsy), I thought it would be responsible and frugal to dig in the fabric stash and make some creations for the girlies rather than buy them.

The young boy cocked his head and looked at me in complete disbelief - "ah, don't make me anything will you Mum ???!?!" with a wide eyed look of fear. Yep, we've crossed the line into the territory commonly known as "Clothes that my Mum makes are sooo not cool".

Decorated a couple of $5 t-shirts from Big W (must have "sparkles, apparently).Whipped up a tote bag using the "throbbing member" fabric as a lining - thanks to Julie's wonderful suggestion. It shall now be known as the "Man Bag". Not sure how I feel about rumaging around in it ??....

The youngest also needed a hat. I have had Nikki's kids hat pattern sitting here, just waiting, for over a year (do you do that too ??? or is it just me?) so pulled it out and gave it a whirl. I was a bit scared as they look a bit tricky but no drama! Easy instructions that even I could follow. She's a whizz, that Nikki girl!
The youngest has a hat, the middle has placed an order and the boy gave me that same wide eyed look, said 'no thanks Mum' before I even asked and ran to his room just in case I measured his head.

I have a couple more things to whip up before we go. Will share if I get a chance.

The sewing machine will be breathing a sigh of relief when we leave on our holiday. It hasn't worked this hard in ages!



Friday, 26 August 2011


I have a growing list of things that have been neglected so I have made big effort to address a couple of them. I negelected to share my good fortune. I had a win over at Andi's and a couple of weeks ago, over a lovely morning hot choc & cake I came into the possession of these little lovelies. Aren't they wonderful. I have a plan for one of them already ... I'll keep you posted.
I love them! Thanks Andi, you're ACE!

I have been neglecting my shop for ...umm... most of the year. Today I listed a couple of newbies.
You can check out more of them here.

I have also negelected myself. A trip to the beautician yesterday and I now feel all womanly again (as opposed to masculine neanderthal) but perhaps I should have neglected to share that.

Have a lovely weekend,


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Quilt No.5 update

Here it is and I think we are going to be friends.

I feel good when I look at it.

I feel not so good when I think about ditch stitching it.

Yep, I'm the ditch stitching virgin.

Deborah Louie told me it is easy (at the machine quilting course) and it was on the really small sample piece. Her tips and instructions were awesome but...

But looking at this big quilt I'm feeling a little anxious. I've been thinking about stitching it for over a week.

Maybe I'll just stick with the hand I will machine it ... no I'll hand stitch ... no, I'll machine it ...

I know, I need to "just do it" and stop thinking about it.

Maybe tomorrow ....

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Perils of Online Shopping.

I loved the colour.

I bought a couple of metres online.
In my mind it was going to be lovely summer frocks & tops for little girls.

UNTIL it arrived.

It might just be me, but all I see is an unattractive part of the male anatomy - everytime I look at it.

It is just way too WRONG to make it into anything for little girls.

Maybe I can cut it into strips ...

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Found it!

It was going to be a young lady's summer dress.

But as I was about to cut it I had a "bingo!" moment.

Good-bye purple and hello pink.

I love it. Just need to make the time to get it all together.

Showed the daughters - squeals of delight from one and a half smile and a shrug from the other. Yep, it's the half smile's quilt.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Hmmmm ...not quite right ....

It started as an idea - a vision,
followed by a drawing,
followed by a pile of fabric,
followed by a pile of rectangles
which were layed out on the carpet...
then switched around & swapped ...
then dragged the Mr in for some feedback...
switched some more, cut some more,
stood and stared, bit my bottom lip and frowned.
Why doesn't it look like my vision ?
I think the purple has to go?
Maybe it needs some plain ?
I've packed it up and put it away.
I don't think we're friends yet.