Saturday, 6 August 2011

Hmmmm ...not quite right ....

It started as an idea - a vision,
followed by a drawing,
followed by a pile of fabric,
followed by a pile of rectangles
which were layed out on the carpet...
then switched around & swapped ...
then dragged the Mr in for some feedback...
switched some more, cut some more,
stood and stared, bit my bottom lip and frowned.
Why doesn't it look like my vision ?
I think the purple has to go?
Maybe it needs some plain ?
I've packed it up and put it away.
I don't think we're friends yet.


  1. I agree with you on the purple.
    But I think a plain would be too strong in its place.
    Need to have another look at the Loulouthi fabrics to see what might fit.

  2. What about this one?

  3. Hmm, Jenny, I agree about the purple, but can't offer a new suggestions, so I hope Andi's link was inspiring!

  4. mmm, the purple might not be quite right but I'm not sure what other colour I'd use. Maybe lay it on top of some other colour fabrics but leave out the purple squares so the other fabric shows through. Hope you know what I mean.


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