Friday, 26 August 2011


I have a growing list of things that have been neglected so I have made big effort to address a couple of them. I negelected to share my good fortune. I had a win over at Andi's and a couple of weeks ago, over a lovely morning hot choc & cake I came into the possession of these little lovelies. Aren't they wonderful. I have a plan for one of them already ... I'll keep you posted.
I love them! Thanks Andi, you're ACE!

I have been neglecting my shop for ...umm... most of the year. Today I listed a couple of newbies.
You can check out more of them here.

I have also negelected myself. A trip to the beautician yesterday and I now feel all womanly again (as opposed to masculine neanderthal) but perhaps I should have neglected to share that.

Have a lovely weekend,


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  1. Jenny I LOVE the tuck detail on your denim apron!

    We all feel like we neglect things sometimes but that's only cause we are so damn busy with life. Enjoy using the amazing fabrics you scored.


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