Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Sweet Dreams

A few months ago, after having less than sweet dreams, our smallest suggested that she needed a dream catcher. I like how she thinks.

We looked at some amazing ones on Pinterest and decided that we could make our own.

Prior to this activity I hadn't really considered that when we do craft it is usually an all in affair.  Generally all 3 kids are in on the act for craft.  Whilst this is great, I hadn't really noticed the absence of one on one craft time - especially with the smallest kidlet.
The older two weren't interested in making dream catchers so this became a smallest child and Mum only event.  I realised that we don't do this very often.  Miss small doesn't often get Mum (or Dad for that matter) to herself.
The dream catcher experience was great for both of us and is something I will consciously do more often with each of them.

I love that we had lots of discussions about materials and ideas as we wandered around Spotlight together.  I let her choose all the components that she felt would suit her dream catcher - although I did suggest that the large, expensive and quite heavy crystal beads might be better for someone else's project.
I love that we discussed the options of using an embroidery hoop or a cane ring - she decided on the cane ring.
I love that she considered different colours, textures and all sorts of additions … some of which after purchase didn't make the final cut.  She creates like her mum and will probably have cupboards full of project "extra stuff" when she is older … just like her mum.

There was a lot of winding and making it up as we went along.

She is very happy with her creation which, if you look in the centre, includes her version of a volcano - just in case any nasty dreams try and sneak through.

It is now hanging over her bed and she tells me she is having sweet dreams…. in her own bed all night.

We're all happy.

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  1. So lovely to do one-on-one stuff with the kiddos. Ella and I do occasionally do one-on-one crafty stuff but with Jake, it's usually more geeky related. We play a geeky game or go on a geeky outing. Still wonderful ... just different!


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