Monday, 7 April 2014

Dusty Cookbook Number 4

Ok so the wheels may have fallen off ever so slightly…
I did say I would do a new Dusty Cookbook every 2 weeks.
This is book number 4 and we are in April - so not quite going to plan.
Ah well, never mind.
We'll just plough on, shall we?

This is our "Dusty" number 4, complete with dirty sticky marks on the front cover which means that at some point it was loved and used … that would be before babies when cooking was a fun adventure!

Now I tend to cook dishes that:

  • feed the majority of tastes at the table, 
  • provide minimal groaning and tantrums, 
  • take the least amount of time,
  • can be created with whatever is left in the fridge that is still edible.
(maybe I should be meal planning ????)

This lovely birthday present was from a beautiful girlfriend when we both lived in Melbourne in 1999.  Now I'm in Perth and she is in New Zealand - Em, I miss you xxx

The book is by Donna Hay and has some good, quick recipes together with a couple that just don't work.
Sorry Donna but it is true.
Even my Mother In-Law who is a genius in the kitchen agrees that the Baked Raspberry Cheesecake on page 174 is a dud.  She has tried it twice and I've tried it once and neither of us could get it to set.  Just a friendly heads up for you in case you want to try it.

As winter sport gets into full swing here and the Mum's Taxi service hits peak load, I need quick and easy so I'm hoping this book may give me some new options to throw into the mix.

Have you dusted off an old cookbook for inspiration lately??
Are you a "Mum's taxi" driver too??
Jenny x

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