Friday, 14 March 2014

Tea Time With Pip

Today we're playing with Pip.

It is Tea Time.

Grab a cup of your favourite (mine today is T2 Creme Brûlée - it is really good!), take a seat, I'll pass around the banana bread and we can get to know each other.

I'm Jenny.

Wife, Mum, Friend, Sister, Maker, Cleaner, Driver, CEO of all matters relating to the house & family.

I grew up in a big family (I love them all to bits!!) on a farm in southern NSW.
I married a lovely city boy that I pashed at uni.  Who would have thought that a gazillion years later we would have a family and be living on the other side of the country???
Last year we moved from Melbourne to Perth for the Mr's work and are slowly finding our feet here in this sunny (and sometimes ridiculously hot) city.
I chase 3 kids and a smelly old dog.
Favourite Craft?  That question is way too hard. How do people choose a favourite anything?
(Can you tell I'm not a great decision maker?!?!)
I sew aprons and kitchen bits and pieces for my little Ohjoh shop.
I started quilting a couple of years ago and have made 7 quilts to date.  I need to start another. It is quite addictive and therapeutic.
I knit a little and I'm slowly trying to learn how to crochet.
I try different things from time to time and have lots of "crafty stuff" hidden in a cupboard.  If my husband is reading this ..."This is not the cupboard you are looking for"… (insert Jedi type hand wave here)
I blog because I like it.
The ohjoh blog has become a little record of what I've made over the last couple of years - and I think that is quite nice.
There are heaps of blogs that I love to check out.
Some are creatively inspiring, some are motivating and some are just fun.
There are some amazing people out there doing fabulous things.
If you don't know these guys already why don't you try:
Meet me at mikes
Foxes Lane
V and Co
Patch Andi (our kids did swimming lessons together some years back and Andi introduced me to the world of blogs.  I didn't even know what a blog was - Thanks Andi, you are a very clever cookie! xxx)
The Design Files

This list could go on and on but I will stop here.

How about you? I've done all the talking and haven't let you get a word in.
Tell me about yourself …

If you would like to get to know some other Blog With Pip people check them out here with their cups of tea.  They're a really lovely, friendly bunch of clever ladies.
Some of them even have cake.

Jenny x


  1. Haha love the bit about your craft cupboard. Really enjoyed reading that Jenny.

  2. I married a boy I passed at uni too!!! Great post. Thanks!

  3. Oops. Damn predictive text. Obviously I pashed him....

  4. Hey Jenny,
    I really enjoyed that cup of tea with you and learning more about you. I like that you have a secret cupboard of stuff. I love your red teapot (red is my favourite colour).

  5. We all have a craft cupboard like that don't we :-) Lovely to do tea, that T2 Creme Brulee sounds delicious!

  6. Hi Jenny, I also married a boy that I met and kissed while at Uni, so we have that in comment. We only have the two kids though and a smelly but not so old dog. It's a very brave thing to sell things you have created, I'm in awe of you and the other classmates who have stores. I've always been more of a paper pusher, but perhaps one day I'll sell something I've crafted.


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