Thursday, 6 March 2014

Mum, I think I really need a pillowcase ...

It gets hot in Perth.
Our doonas (or "duvets" if you live a long way from us) have been packed away for months.
Most nights you don't even need a sheet.
So my kids have just sheets on their beds.  Their quilts sit on the end of their beds purely for decoration at this time of year.
The second child said "Mum, I think I really need a pillow case to match my quilt so that when I make my bed…" I did snort at this point in disbelief.  I didn't think she understood the concept of making her bed.  She continued, "... I want it to look nice and match my quilt."
Fair call and ooh, another project.
Fortunately I am a terrible over purchaser of fabric and we had enough in the stash left over from her quilt to make a matching pillowcase.   Double sided of course so that it matches both sides of her quilt.
She is happy but I doubt she will make her bed.
The pillow will look nice on the floor surrounded by or most probably buried under 10 year old girl "stuff".
The same 'stuff' that was discretely shoved sideways so as not to be in the photos.
It almost looks neat and tidy doesn't it ??
Smoke & mirrors ladies, smoke & mirrors ….

I'm now off to make one for the other girl-kid so she feels loved too.

Jenny x


  1. love all these prints and patterns Jenny x

  2. Haha! Jenny I have a 13yo who is a big fan of the "floordrobe"! What is it with that? Anyway, gorgeous quilt! You make me want to make one!

  3. I'm so impressed with your sewing skills Jenny, beautiful!

  4. It's gorgeous! Love how it's double sided. And it's always nice when you get requests to make things too, makes you feel very appreciated ;-)

  5. Loved this post Jenny! You are very clever and your girls are super lucky - beautiful bedsets!!

  6. Ohhhh it is so nice!!! If a girl ever had a reason to make her bed you gave her a great one. Beautiful job <3

  7. Gorgeous post and gorgeous quilts and your fabric choice is wonderful. I especially like hoe those polka dots just enhance the print. Lucky girls :)

  8. Wow, I love that first print. Great idea to do matching pillow case. I'm inspired to make some myself.

  9. Beeeaaautiful! Love love love the floral side - I might have to ask my Mum for a matching pillow case too :)


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