Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A quirky little bag

This quirky little bag now lives at my house.
It is one of MANY quirky little bags that used to live with my Mum.
I was voted "sibling most likely" and was given this quirky little bag - Mum's cotton crochet bag.
Have I mentioned that I really struggle with crochet ?????

There are some half finished projects in here that are begging to be completed.
They will be waiting for a while as my clumsy stitches aren't yet worthy of the teeny tiny cotton and the smallest crochet hooks I've ever seen.
So small that I need my nana glasses on to even see the hook.

There are also many pattern books.
(This quirky little bag is like the Tardis!)
Some books I remember from the 1980's.
I also found this lovely little surprise.  I think it was my grandmother's.

I love that it was published in 1931!

This quirky little bag makes me sad, happy, proud and warm on the inside.
This quirky little bag is a very special thing.
I am in awe of her skills.

Why am I sharing this quirky little bag with you?
Today the last of all the things that happen when someone's life ends, happened.
The files and folders were closed and it is now over.
To my beautiful brothers who were executors, thank you for doing such a brave and fabulous job for a brave and fabulous woman.

Love your people, people.
I'm off to try a bit more crochet…
Jenny x


  1. How lovely to have these special reminders Jenny. I hope you feel close to your mum as you work through the projects.
    Much love xx

  2. So lovely Jenny! Looks like there's some pretty special projects in there, what a lovely reminder of your Mum. My hat goes off to anyone who can crochet with thread and hooks so tiny! Definitely a lesson in patience :-)


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