Thursday, 28 February 2013


- no longer needed at work and therefore unemployed
(ie the Mr and can I say that parenting with 2 parents at home full time is so much easier than doing it with one - although the absence of an income is not so good ... )
- of recent origin or arrival
 - a paid position of employment
(yay because it makes living and eating with three children possible)
- the point of the horizon where the sun sets at the equinoxes
(or as far as Australia is concerned that would be Perth which is almost as far from Melbourne as you can get)
- change one's place of residence
(yep, we are packing our bags and taking our little family to the other side of the country and sadly leaving behind our beautiful friends and family)
 - a feeling of sickness with an inclination to vomit (even though we know that this is the right decision for us)
- low in price; worth more than it's cost (hoping to find lots of flights like this so people can visit us and we can visit them)

Hoping the words excitement and enjoyment follow soon.

(Reference: The Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary, 3rd edition)

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  1. my oh my, it appears to be so many changes for you all, good luck and keep positive


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