Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hello.. it has been a while

Hi blog reading people
It has been a long time since we've touched base, hasn't it?!?!
Lots going on here in the land of the living so therefore not much going on in the land of the blog.

The Mr has started work in Perth leaving the tribe and I here in Melbourne to sort out and pack up before we trek over there in a month or so.

Things I've learnt so far:

  • A hall cupboard can hold a lot of crap
  • The bigger the cupboard the more stuff you can squeeze in over 8 years.
  • Squeezing stuff in a cupboard doesn't mean that your stuff is worth keeping.
  • I have a lot of fabric in that hall cupboard
  • I have unfinished projects in that cupboard that should really get finished before we move - hmmmm remote chance of that happening.
  • Closing the door and walking away is only a temporary solution - but it worked for me again today!
G's quilt started in Jan 2012 ...ooops must get onto that
  • Skype is a great thing!
  • Explaining a 3 hour time difference to a six year old is challenging when she wants to ring Dad and say good morning at 7.30am (4.30am his time)

  • Even dogs miss Dads - unfortunately at 3am
  • A small dog walking on floorboards at 3am sounds like a pack of teenage girls in stilettos minus the giggling
  • Swearing at the dog in the wee hours is meaningless
  • You cannot send a dog in a POSTPAK even if you do promise to put holes in it.
I'll pop back in again soon when I find the back of the hall cupboard.
Hope you and yours are great.


  1. Good luck with the hall cupboard and the doggie :-)

  2. I've been a slack blogger and blog reader and missed your news, wow that's a big move for you.
    Another Melb friend moved last year and loves it, the beaches are amazing and the weather beautiful. I hope all goes well and there is a lot that's hard to explain to six year olds!!


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