Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Catching Up

A LONG time ago my Mum gave me a tapestry that she had made and asked me to make it into a cushion for her.
Sure! No Problems!!
I put it in the cupboard .....
and proceeded to completely forget about it.
Last week I found it buried in my hall cupboard - yep, "bad daughter" points for me.
So after a bit of making it up as you go along, changing my plan for a pleated feature around the tapestry (I didn't buy enough fabric - oops) it has sort of come together.
It's not perfect and I'm sure it could be done in a better way.
I'll hand sew the binding tonight and pop the feather cushion insert (from Amitie) in it for her.
She can then pop it on her bed and admire her handy work as she finds it too hard to do needle work anymore.
I hope she likes it.
(PS Mum, you're ACE!!!!)

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