Thursday, 2 May 2013

Thank You Mrs RicRac

In the middle of an ugly, teary, we're moving to the other side of the country day, a little parcel of sunshine was dropped off by the postie.

I won a little giveaway - yay!

Thank you Mrs Ric-Rac - you really did make my day today... even if you did make me cry.

What can I say, even the milk delivery made me cry today.

Tomorrow I'll be putting on my big girl pants and doing a bit of "Get over yourself" and "Just suck it up!"

Thanks again Jodie and Mary (from Patch n Quilt) the fabrics are beautiful!


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  1. pfft, it took me long enough to send. I should be sacked. I hope the move goes smoothly - its a MASSIVE undertaking so you are allowed to cry at whatever you like.


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