Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Morning Festivities

The tribe and I have made and posted a little festive, good morning garland to my Mum.

Inspired by something seen on screen.  I thought it was on Justb or Pinterest (or both??) but now as I'm hunting for it I can't find the link for it - sorry.  So, this is not an original idea, it belongs to some very clever little custard who had lovely numbers stamped on their pegs. I'm not quite that clever or organised so we have some red glittery tape stuck to ours instead.

(Edit: Yay! I found the link.  Check out the original here on Just B)

It's nothing too glam or tricky but it made us smile thinking that Mum might do the same when she has a cuppa in the morning leading up to Christmas.

It was supposed to be for the entire month of December but the first week or two snuck by a little too quickly so the smalls and I compromised and made it for 12 days instead.

Here's how we did it ....

Simple but cute and hopefully it made her laugh when she opened the little box in the post.
Hope your lead up to Christmas or Hannukah celebrations (or whatever your lot does) is going well and is not too crazy ...

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  1. I love this idea - and have a few tea mad friends who might find this in their mail next Christmas!
    Thanks for sharing it :)


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