Tuesday, 10 July 2012

On the ropes

As we go through life we come across all different types of people.  Some just click.
Lou is one of those people.
Our kids went to kinder together and Lou always looked so organised and fabulous as she dropped off her daughter and sped off to work.  I was usually pushing one through the door whilst wrangling a small, ferocious toddler and waddling like an elephant being pregnant with baby number 3, admiring her calm.
And as you get to know people over the years you get to know some of their story.  Which made me admire Lou even more.  She's wise, honest, funny and very entertaining (especially when watching her footy team play).
And then you find out something that you didn't know.
She's written a book and published it!  She's amazing that funny friend of mine!
I attended the book launch (best pastries ever tasted!) and wanted to share Lou's book with you guys.
It is a book about love, loss and the strength that gets you through.
I enjoyed it - smiled, laughed, and cried.
If you would like a copy you can get it here at Amazon or here at the Palmer-Higgs (the publisher)

Well done Lou - You're ACE!!
Jen x

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