Monday, 16 July 2012

A bit of bling!

I would so like to be showing off a big, sparkly diamond - the last one was in 1998 - but alas ....
Here at Ohjoh Manor it's school concert costume bling.
8 purple blingy dresses to be made today to match the 9 pink ones made on Saturday.
The blue and green are some waistcoats which need kid's names appliqu├ęd on the back.
I'm throwing together (very roughly) the basic costumes and together with a group of mum's we'll decorate them with names, balloon shapes and ribbons.  Our preppies will look so cute.

SO today our house is sparkling (I could let you assume that my house was sparkling clean but that would be a lie - the only thing sparkling is the fabric on the table, on the floor, in the little dustballs that are blowing up the hallway ...)
the needle is getting blunt on the sewing machine and
the iron is getting sticky from the fabric
and all is quiet for me and the dog as the kids are back at school.

Hope you're enjoying things at your place

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