Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Blogs, Sauce and Stuff

Aah blogs, they're funny things.  Sometimes updated and sometimes neglected.
Some people pop everything on them and share their lives and families (and there are a few of these that I regularly follow and enjoy).  Others prefer to keep families and personal details well protected and separate.
Even though I don't really know what this blog is, I think I fall into the second category.  The Mr prefers it to be that way too and I respect that.
There have been times when I've felt like posting about some of the things happening in our world, perhaps almost as a form of therapy, but I haven't.  And in retrospect, that is probably a good thing.
Hmmm, it probably would also have been as boring as bat poop.
Anyway, today I'm taking a little side step and sharing my Mum with you.
Yesterday I left at the crack of dawn, drove half way across Victoria and made sauce with my Mum.
My 4 siblings and myself don't enjoy bought sauce, as the only sauce we ever had was Mum's delicious homemade tomato sauce - not surprising considering Dad grew paddocks and paddocks of tomatoes for a living! 
Mum's sauce is a valuable commodity in our family.  It is bartered, hoarded, sometimes pinched and requires serious negotiations with siblings if you're to run out before February and the next batch.
And to be honest, I think we have taken for granted the fact that Mum makes it every year.
So how are we cooking tomato sauce in July?
Mum has cancer and has been fighting it now for 3 years.  It's a crappy disease.  The process of making mum's sauce is too much for her on her own.
We made a batch together in February which was great fun but tough with her chemo.  She was exhausted from just sitting and giving instructions.  Did I say it is an ugly little disease?
She decided to freeze (the mountains) of tomatoes that she had grown for another day.  This also allows other siblings to share the fun and make a batch too.
Yesterday we made some room in her freezer, pumped out 2 batches of sauce and went out to a lovely restaurant for a delicious lunch. 

Thanks Mum for a lovely day, for talking, for listening, for guiding and sharing.
You are an amazing woman.
We love you.
Jen x


  1. What a lovely way to spend time together. And yep - cancer is the pits. All best wishes to your Mum and to you, Jenny. xx

  2. Sounds like a perfect 'memory-making' day.


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