Thursday, 29 September 2011

Happy 100 Giveaway!!!

Happy 100!!

Who would have thought we'd ever get to 100 posts ???

There were times when I didn't.

To be honest, this blog started as a way to explore and promote my little ohjoh apron/clothing business but it quickly morphed into something else.

It now tends to be about what I make and feel like making and the odd little snippets into the crazy world of ohjoh. (Oh the things I "could have", "should have" and "glad i didn't" blog about!)

It is also an amazing source of inspiration! Man, you guys are clever! From quilts to bags to crocheted collars for trees. I am always impressed, inspired and amazed! Thanks!

And if we're throwing some honesty out there, this little blog has given me a quiet sanctuary from the craziness that sometimes is life. Hmm, maybe it has helped me keep a grip on the socially acceptable side of sane ??? (Yes, they are snorts of disbelief that you can hear coming from my family!)

But enough navel gazing.... it is GIVEAWAY time!!!

Just a simple giveaway to say thanks for popping by over the last 100.

Leave a comment by end of Wednesday 5th Oct and I'll randomly draw a winner next Thursday 6th Oct.

What do you win?? Your choice of something from my shop.


Happy school holidays people! (we're expecting a visit from the chicken pox virus - hmm yes, we're all so excited!)



PS I'm also celebrating with free shipping within Aust for Sept/Oct.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

My Creative Space

In my Creative Space there has been more playing with free motion stitching in the form of linen pot holders.

And sewing up a couple of "Cath" aprons for an order and a few more for the stock box.

These guys were destined for the market on Sunday but they'll have to wait for next month.

In the juggling act that is life, we've been thrown a basketball this week. So I thought I would continue juggling the "kids", "family", "daughter", "wife", "friend", "mum", "school", "kinder" and "socially acceptable side of sane" balls (amongst others) and put the "market" one down for the moment so that they don't all crash around us.

If you're doing nothing on Sunday and you're in Melbourne why not check out the other lovely people at Mulgrave Makers Market. We'll do our best to be at the next one in October.

Hope your juggling act is under control.

Check out other creative spaces here.



PS this is post number 99 which means a giveaway for the next one to celebrate the "century"!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect, so they say. In that case, I have a whole lot of practicing to do when it comes to free motion machine quilting ...

This is what happened to those circles. 100% linen tea towels for a market on Sunday. If you can make it to Mulgrave in Melbourne on Sunday morning, please come and say hello!



PS. This is post number 98 - who would have thought??? - so I'm thinking a celebratory giveaway for the big 100. Will keep you posted...

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Lots of circles today. Starting to get dizzy.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I've Ditched It

Ditch stitching done.

Not as tricky as I thought (isn't that always the way). It's not perfect but its Ok.

A bit more to go and then some binding ... hmmm ... and maybe some hand quilting to tart it up....



PS. Nth QLD sun is FABULOUS!!!! Then you come home to 11 degrees. Aahh well. Now saving pennys for next year ....