Thursday, 24 March 2011

My Creative Space

Today is trying to squeeze out a couple more aprons between running around after the little people - Thursday's are a blur this year.
(sorry rubbish photo's today - camera battery nearly flat, dark cloudy morning, kids fighting and we're running late around here as usual)
Sunday is market day (and the stock box is looking a little skinny...).

If you're a Melbourne person and fancy something to do on Sunday morning why not come and visit the Mulgrave Makers Market.

Lots of great stuff, yummy food, wonderful farmers market and lovely smiling people like me who would love you to say Hi!
Hope to see you there!

Pop over to Kirsty's to see lots of clever stuff.


  1. Happy market preparations, I'm sure you'll manage!
    Hope the day goes well for you too, Mulgrave is a little too far from me.

  2. those pleats (?) are intriguing - wish I could get to the mulgrave market

  3. Your apron looks great. Love your fabric choices. All the best for market day. : )

  4. Is that some sort of smocking? I'm intrigued! Hope the market went well.


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