Friday, 11 March 2011

What the tuck?

Some of you asked what was the go with the red tucks yesterday.
Surprise, surprise-its an apron.
Just playing with ideas for the next market which is coming around very quickly - crikey!! I must make something else soon otherwise one tuck apron is going to look pretty bloody lonely!
It was fun to make and not quite as time consuming and fiddly as my other 60's style numbers. Does that make me lazy ???

Struggling with the motivation to get off my chocolate eating bum and get on the sewing machine.

Hopefully a weekend away in the sunny state of QLD (Happy Birthday Jodie!) will help.
(Yep that was me bragging! )

Hope your weekend is fabulous too!


  1. It's bloody brilliant!!
    I'll have one!!!

  2. Hi There are so clever..the one lonely one looks amazing! :) Elizabeth


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