Friday, 21 January 2011

Quilt number 2 - Done and dusted!

It's finished!
The red quilt (that was supposed to be green) is now finished.It was based on Louise's lovely pattern. However, as I have issues with following instructions I had to modify it (after a little mummy tantrum).
I cut out the big squares on the floor in front of the tele (silly, I know) and cut them out the wrong size. Had said tantrum then hurt my brain trying to work out how to make the outside bits fit.I think it works. As I'm still on the quilting planet of "make it up as you go along", it's a bit on the wonky side. But hey, wonk is good - right ?!?!?It's now thrown on the couch when not being dragged around the house by the "Quilt Ninja"The next quilt is cut and ready to go.
A cot quilt for the amazing Corrie to be sent to Queensland flood victims. I hope it looks OK when finished and makes someone smile!!
If you would like to be involved too check out Corrie's blog Retromummy.I would put her lovely little icon thingy on my blog but couldn't follow the blogger instructions on that either. I wonder if there is a support group for those who can read, take in and then forget/ignore/stuff-up instructions ......



  1. WoW! your quilt looks amazing Jenny, i love all the hand stitching you do, you have such patience. LOVE it. oh and Happy New Year!


  2. Fantastic. Love the hand quilting quilting too. Don't worry a degree of wonk is more than aceptable. Like the green combo to come.

  3. Beautiful new quilt!!
    You're becoming a little expert.
    Andi x

    PS Your lack of techno savvy amuses me. Don't change a thing!!

  4. The quilt is amazing!! And HUGE!!
    I love the look of the next one too.
    Oh and when you find the support group please let me know too.
    Have a happy weekend.

  5. Hi Jenni, loved the quilt. You are very clever with your fabric and colour combination.Don't let anyone change your brain, it has a cool way of functioning with fabrics. Kristeen x

  6. Wow I didn't see this! I have been very slack on the blog reading - sorry! It looks gorgeous and I just love the quilt ninja - he's fab!!!


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