Thursday, 13 January 2011

Kiddie Craft

It's wet here but not as wet as Queensland! - thinking of you guys and sending you our money and wishing there was something else we could do to help.
I spent the kid's inheritance on school shoes this morning so it's (expense free) inside time at home today.My awesome sister gave this little beauty to Miss Number 2 at Christmas so we christened it today. Great little book - thoroughly recommend it.
We now have beautiful "tissue paper blooms" hanging from the light fittings - they look like orange chrysanthemums (yes, I had to resort to the reliable "Concise Oxford Dictionary" for that one). Hope you and yours are safe and dry.

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  1. Oh gee, I still have to do the school shoe can be a bit of a budget breaker can't it. My 10 year old son has just grown out of kids size shoes. Who knew that was going to happen so soon? I love your tissue paper creations.


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