Friday, 23 May 2014

Clickety Clack

For me crochet is like ordering a 12 course meal in Portugese with only a tiny Portugese/English language dictionary to help.  It can be done but is slow, clumsy and you may not get what you think you should be getting.

So I've gone back to the sticks.  It just makes sense to my brain.

I made my first ever beanie last week and forgot to photograph it before I posted it to my brother.
It was a little small so now belongs to his lovely girlfriend.

This is a second attempt being made a little bigger to fit his not so small head.
Matching wool and matching pattern.
Ha, won't they look quaint with matching beanies as they walk around the paddocks!
The pattern is here on ravelry.

Have you anything on the sticks or are you hooking?


  1. It took me forever to get the hang of the hook - don't give up! you'll love it once it "clicks"!!! flick x

  2. I am the opposite! My sticks are slow and clanky rather rather "clickety click". My mum was a quick clickety clicker. The hook and I are friends. The sticks and I are distant acquaintances.Love your beanies:)


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