Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hungry Like The ….

(did you pick up the Duran Duran reference fellow teens of the '80's - go on click on the link the hair alone is worth it!)
The only other wolf reference I could think of was this - which still makes me smile and think of my big sister and I running around the back yard yelling "It's the wool-uff!  It's the wool-uff!".

But I digress…

Today daughter number 2 was a wolf at school assembly as part of a class Jungle Book singing and dancing performance.

I do love a little bit of a costume project and considering that the sewing mojo is very low I need a project with a deadline.

We trawled Pinterest for ideas and ended up with this.

If you are intending to make a wolf at your house here are some links that might be helpful …

The Mask:
I found a free pattern here.
I traced all parts of the pattern and cut them out in different colours of felt and stitched them together.
We added an extra layer of fur behind the ears to help it match the vest.

The Paws:
Pads cut out of felt and sewn onto a rectangle of fur (to one side).
Sides sewn together to make a tube and leaving a hole for the thumbs.
(If I had taken photos during the process it may have been helpful but I didn't - sorry)

The Tail:
Looked soooo much better on pinterest (isn't that often the way).
For some reason the link won't work but I'll give you the details so you can try yourself or at least search for it on pinterest.
Basically it is made out of acrylic wool and a dog brush.
I think ours needed more brushing but I was over it and she was happy so we called it finished.
A piece of black cotton herringbone tape was used as a "belt" to tie the tail on and hold the vest closed.

The Furry Vest:
Just a little vest/waistcoat - shoulder seams and side seams and that is it.
I already had a pattern from previous concert costumes so just used a modified version of that.
Here is a great link and tutorial if you need one - found at a blog called Danamadeit.
The lovely lady at Spotlight gave me the best advice for cutting fur …
Cut it with the inside facing up and always just do little snips keeping the bottom blade of your scissors quite still.  This stops you from cutting the outer layer of fur so that you still have a shaggy edge.  Works a treat. Thanks clever Spotlight Lady!

And that in a nutshell is our Wool-Uff costume.

Enjoy your day people.

Jenny x


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