Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Click Clack Clacking

One big boy beanie for a little brother's head is finished and in the post.

Modelled by a reluctant Mr who is wearing a t-shirt - a Perth winter is very different to a Melbourne winter and this is why I am posting these goodies back to Victoria.  Not a lot of need for them here.

One Miura Cowel for my sister finished too.

The youngest girl, despite the fact that she is still wearing shorts and t-shirts most of the time, has requested I make her a beanie as the next project.

Quite enjoying the clickety-clacks although my neck is getting a bit stiff and sore - I'm a tense little knitter.
Must remember to relax the shoulders and look up occasionally otherwise my neck will seize up and my head will probably explode.
That would just be messy.

… calm blue ocean … relax … calm blue ocean … relax … calm blue ocean ...

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