Friday, 17 January 2014

The Year Of The Dusty Cookbook!

Now we could call this a "challenge" but I'm not one for too much pressure so lets just stick with what we have for now.

I have a few cookbooks …. 
no, that is an outright lie ….
I have a LOT of cookbooks.  
(this isn't all of them … )

I love them.  They make me feel good.
But I only use a few of them.
And some of them only get used for 1 or 2 recipes.
Shocking, I know!  These books sit on the shelf waiting …. patiently …. and maybe a little sadly …. hoping one day it might be their turn.

Meanwhile, as I ignore them, I whinge about preparing dinner and cook the same old things that will generally be eaten by most of the people that demand a feed in our house.  
I dread hearing that call every afternoon "what's for dinner?" from each child … even when they have heard me answer the previous sibling (perhaps it is a conspiracy to have me admitted ?!?!?) It drives me crackers!


Is this happening at your place too??  

This is the "Year Of The Dusty Cookbook".
Why not join me - 


Yep, I was surprised too but there is a plan.

Each fortnight we choose a dusty book off the shelf (maybe your house is cleaner than mine but we'll use the term 'dusty' to describe books not often used, OK?), cook from it and share it on a blog or Facebook.
It doesn't have to be every meal or everyday (that would be madness) but a couple of newbies at least.
Tricky, eh? No rules, no pressure, no big commitment.  
Just use the books you have and share the journey.
And maybe we might find some new regular meals to feed our respective tribes along the way.

Why a fortnight? I thought it might be easier than weekly and I'm all for making things easy.  If this does prove to be simple then I might go weekly - lord knows I have enough cookbooks!

Go on it could be fun. 
Please leave me a comment so that I know you're in and then we can check on your progress too.

Year Of The Dusty Cookbook - Book 1
"The Australian Women's Weekly Original Cookbook" by Ellen Sinclair 1983
I am going back to the beginning - my first ever cookbook.  
I was still at high school and this was a christmas present from my parents in 1984.  I've made a few things from it over the years - mainly cakes and biscuits.  I currently use it for …. Vanilla Slice (I love a snot block!) and that is about it.
So, brace yourself kiddies, tease the fringe and grab the shoulder pads, we are about to go all retro….

Which book will you choose?

Do you have this one?
Jenny x

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  1. Good idea. I am the same. Loads of cook books and always cook the well-worn faves. I'm in, i'll pick a book and do a post.


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