Thursday, 16 January 2014

Dear Blog,

Dear Blog
Hello it has been a while.
I am sorry I neglect you.
I think of you often but just can't seem to find the words…or the pics...
Our relationship is a funny thing.
It was full of bubbly, giggly love at first.
Over time (and I admit that I am at fault as I haven't put enough into our relationship) it has become tainted with a little guilt, pangs of anxiety and a lot of questioning about whether we should go on together.
After a lot of thinking, rather than pull the pin and part company maybe we should start again.

Hello my name is Jenny.

I sew a bit but tend to think more about it than do it at the moment.  Something I will try to change.
I live in Perth, Western Australia (yep, I know it used to be Melbourne - last year was a big year).
I have 3 kids - the biggest hits the teens this year, the middle plays the flute and the smallest still likes to hold my hand sometimes.
I've made a few quilts but don't have one on the go at the moment.  I'm thinking a queen size quilt for our bed with blue crosses on a white background ….  It is on my long to do list.
I am trying to teach myself to crochet.  It is a slow process but I have made some very handy dishcloths.  I tried a vest/cardigan thingy but even the Mr shook his head at that one when I finished.  It went back in the crochet bag to be dealt with later.  I didn't photograph it for you, blog, I was a little embarrassed and I didn't think you would be interested.

And that perhaps is my blogging stumbling point, dear blog, keeping you interesting.
Many things here just aren't.

What if we add something new?
Keep the crafty bits as that is what we do but add something else too.

SO dear blog I have a plan!
It involves food and cookbooks. 
I think it will be fun.  
I will explain more soon.

I will spend more time with you dear Blog and work on our relationship.
Thank you for being so patient and waiting for me.



  1. Hi Jenny! Nice to read your words. I am trying to learn crochet, too. Mostly for dishcloths, really! Have a gorgeous day :) Sarah

  2. Beautifully written Jen. I look forward to reading your new foodie adventures xxx


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