Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Almost back to school

Our small people head back to school next week.
There has been some last minute organising.
The kids have labelled all of their bits and bobs themselves whilst I sat on my hands fighting the urge to straighten and reposition.
One of the last things needed for the smallest was a chair bag.
The school said you can buy one from Spotlight or Officeworks but also gave us a pattern if we wanted to make our own.
With a pattern and a cupboard of fabric I couldn't possibly buy one!
After much agonising by the smallest as to what would be the best fabric (there is a lot to choose from …), we now have a very spunky chair bag.
Fabric - Paisley Garden from the Rainbow Garden range by Prints Charming.
Lined with cotton drill to give it a little extra strength and to make sure we could see as much of the  pretty fabric as possible.
Stool - Ikea, because the bag didn't fit on any other chairs in our house. Hoping that it fits on the school chairs. I may have not allowed enough seam allowance….
Here is the pattern from our Primary School just in case you need one too.
Jenny x

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  1. Gorgeous chair bag. Happy back-to-school to you xxx


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