Saturday, 30 July 2011

A new toy

I'm a basic kind of sewer.
(hmm, should that be sewing person rather than plumping poop pipe?!?!?!)
When a dressmaker friend mentioned a "gather foot" my jaw dropped. "Really?? Can you buy those ?? What, no two rows of big stitches and mind numbing fiddling as you pull the gathers and space them out ?????"
I did the happy dance - how cool! And this is it.
It does look a little Steam Punk but eventually (after fiddling, screwing, unscrewing, swearing, breaking a needle and swearing some more) it fits and works! One skirt for the eldest girl hot off the press (Yep, that is an elastic waist - what can I say, I'm lazy).

And she refused to model it as she had more pressing things to do ... apparently. Hmm I wonder if she'll wear it ????

And a little story to share... I introduced a very clever girlfriend (who sews like a dream) to Amitie during the week. Whilst we were dawdling around oohing and aahing and making plans for many bolts of fabric, her husband called. She told him she was with me in a fabric shop. He scoffed and said "phew! better a fabric shop than a shoe shop." Ha! He has no idea!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.



  1. Ha ha!!
    Love the new toy! Wishing you well to ruffle with it!!
    Are we catching up this week ... or next?

  2. I didn't know of this existing BUT I am now going to buy one! Thanks for sharing your new toy.

  3. oooh I nearly bought one of those once! Def useful if you are making clothing I think. And yes that was a cracking husband comment - if he only knew!!

  4. Beautiful skirt - love the fabric!
    I think it's about time I get myself one of those 'Ruffle Feet' thingys... So clever!

    I really hate that double-stitching-and-gathering-by-hand business too, and I've been doing a bit of it lately!!

    Love that husband comment!


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