Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Aaaaah ... and the routine returned

Today is Tuesday

Today two kids are at school and one is at a long kinder session.

Today I am going to:

  • enjoy a quiet cuppa

  • listen to any music I want to

  • eat chocolate covered raspberries that the lovely Mr delivered from a Sydney trip last night (must leave some for the him & the kids, must leave some for him and the kids, must leave...)

  • pull out the naughty skirt and try to make it fit me

  • try to work through the pile of half done sewing things that is growing in the cupboard (so I don't feel guilty about starting something else)

  • probably dance and jump around like a looney because of the sugar rush ... or maybe just because I can.

Aaah ....


  1. Lovely. Hope you managed to do all those things (except leave some chocky raspberries for the family).
    Catch up soon? I'll bring fabric. You bring cake!!

  2. Oooh can I come too :) And Yummmmmm - chocolate covered raspberries - I would soooo eat the whole bloody lot!


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