Thursday, 14 July 2011

My budding florist...

Ok, it is school holidays.

For reasons that I won't bore you with we've spent most of it housebound (think hospitals and a spot of internal renovations of the secret lady bits - all good now, thanks for asking).

So, I admit I had to push the kids outside away from TV, etc (and yes, it did cross my mind that I could lock the door after them .....).

There was MUCH whinging and complaining (which was muffled by the glass - I was inside!)

Then, after some outside pottering and playing, my lovely biggest girl presented this beautiful masterpiece and announced that she wanted to post it to her Nan (who is now at home in country Victoria recovering from her big, get rid of that bloody, crappy, cancer stuff operation) to make sure she's feeling better.

Aaawww. Kids, gotta love em!


  1. Your opening paragraph makes me smile. Even though its the second time I've heard that line today!
    A lovely little bouquet. Nan might have to make do with a photo while you guys pop it in a vase and enjoy!!
    See you soon.
    Andi xx

  2. Well I THREATENED threateningly-like, to lock my kids outside for HOURS if they didn't just get out there and wiggle the energy out of 'em. Hope everyone is well on the way to a full and speedy recovery...

  3. I for one am looking forward to my own company tomorrow :) x

  4. Lovely lavender.
    You are so funny, I love your opening description too.


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