Sunday, 8 August 2010

Quilt number 1 DONE!

I've stitched the last stitch and handed it over to my little man. He loves it - phew! I'm a little sad to see it go.
It's been fun.
Quilt 1 and I have been a couch couple since February. We've laughed, cried and stayed up late. We've grown close.
We've bonded. I think I miss you, Quilt 1.

Amitie had a sale on Friday and I met Quilt 2.
I was searching for something green and came home with this.

I hope we'll be friends.

Will keep you posted.




  1. well done on quilt number 1. It's wonderful.
    Quilt number 2 show great promise!!
    Andi x

  2. WHat a gorgeous quilt, and that looks like a happy new owner under there!

    I can't resist the reds either ;)

  3. Well that's a lovely shade of green! I like it and it looks like someone is very happy with his new quilt!

  4. Ha! I'm a bit in love with all that Quilt 2 potential. I really dig that sort of green. The Quilt 1 embroidery is the perfect touch...

  5. Gorgeous, it will be treasured forever.

  6. I love the new friend. Now that's my kind of gree.
    Isn't that a funny part of giving a crafty gift when you put your soul and everything you are feeling at the time into it.

  7. That quilt looks fantastic, as a mum to 3 boys I find it hard to finds suitable fabrics, thanks for the inspiration, the new stash looks devine too!


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