Tuesday, 17 August 2010

When your little bloke asks for an ipod ....

Probably not what he expected ..... but as close as he's going to get for a while.

Holiday activity bags all finished waiting for the journey.
Bring on the sunshine and the warmth !!!!
Now what's next on the pre-holiday list .....

See you all soon - hopefully relaxed, warm and smiling!


  1. Love it!!
    (But poor Lachy!)
    My kids want ipods too but only because they think they are for the exclusive purpose of playing games!
    They aren't are they?
    Andi ;-)

  2. Love the bags!! Great fabric choice yet again. Denim is so well wearing too. My son is nine and he wants to by me an iphone..so he can play games on it!!! Elizabeth X

  3. My girls are obsessed with my ipod, but like Andi said, all they want to do is play games on it.
    I LOVE the ipod bag.
    I hope you have a great trip.


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