Sunday, 2 May 2010

Check out my bags!

Mmm sounds almost naughty doesn't it ? ....

Just market day today (Mulgrave Farmers Market) and it was freezing! Lucky the coffee ladies were on hand with a piping hot chocolate at a very early hour this morning.
Next door was Lisa from Pink Heart Designs and I couldn't help myself. Who doesn't love a good bag ? So these two have come home to live at our house.

Lisa doesn't have a web life yet for her label but may one day and when she does I'll pop it on here in case you're interested.
Needless to say any money I made today I spent on bags. Ah well ...
Hope you've all had a great weekend.


  1. Fab bags! And I love it when bags are kidproof - i.e. plastic coated (I have a wee one with a very snotty cold at the moment - sorry!).

  2. Gorgeous bags and they look really well made too. Sometimes you just have to spend your days earnings on something you love! Elizabeth X


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