Thursday, 6 May 2010

My Creative Space....

Is not mine at all! Today I cruised around the...

and had a fabulous time checking out everbody's creative spaces.

Dragged my sister (who's a non-crafter, but I'm working on her) and my 3 yr old along for the ride. She was a bit over it by the time we hit the second level but I managed to bribe her through it with an ice-cream at the end (what ever works I say!) - ie the 3 yr old, although I think the sister was close to over it by the end too.
But I LOVED it.
Here's my stash of goodies

Met so many LOVELY people. Even my sister commented how nice craft people are. We decided that was because we're all doing something we love which makes us happy!
The credit card copped a hammering (oops) but as a woman at the bookshop stand said "They're all just Mother's Day gifts for ourselves". Mmmm works for me, so I bought the beautiful Prints Charming book. LOVE IT!
Couldn't go past Kelani without making a purchase. Yes it's a disease/addiction. But I tried to be good and only bought 3 pieces.
Met the hilarious Jodie from RicRac. Yes, she's as funny and entertaining as she is on her blog. Had a lot of fun laughing with Jodie whilst my 3 yr old tried to remove the sandwhich decorations from some other wall (oops) and then tried to escape up the escalators. Jodie, I LOVE the teapot pattern. It's now on the to do list! THANKS!

Met Teegs from Ink and Spindle and shared her excitement about their fairtrade fabrics. Their stuff is beautiful and hopefully this year I'll get to a screen printing class if all goes well.

Also chatted to the lovely Nikki from You Sew Girl (fabulous bags) and fell in love with this fabric panel from Yardage Design.

Saw too many other amazing things, fabrics etc to go on about.
Yep, I've had a lovely day and the best thing is that I bought a 2 day ticket so I can sneak back in at some point and do it all again.
(Hmmm that green wool was divine , I wonder if Mum would knit me a(nother) scarf.......)
Check out lots of other fabulous creative spaces at Kirsty's.
(Oh, and that exhausted panting in the background is just my credit card....don't worry about it, I'm sure it will recover)


  1. what a haul! Love, love, love the yardage design panel. Happy Mothers day then!

  2. Excellent haul!
    I'm heading over there today. Credit card is ready!!!!

  3. I'm so jealous, didn't have the time to get there! Love all the stuff you bought though, I bet the sewing machine will be smoking this week!

  4. It was great to meet you Jennie, You bought some awesome stuff...


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