Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Going around in circles ...

I am going around in circles and loving it!

The plan was to be separate clusters of circle on each section of the quilt but I have thrown that idea into the bin and am just going to keep going as I am and have a ripple effect of circles from the centre of the quilt.

I feel a little cheeky even calling this a "quilt".
There is nothing tricky here - not that I can even do the tricky stuff.
No intricate piecing.
No clever quilting techniques.
No ditch stitching.

Just 3 strips of fabric and (wonky) running stitch going around and around and around.

I love it.

I also love that in the evenings, when the kids have gone to bed, it is almost therapeutic.

Like yoga on the couch without any awkward stretching.

Have you any "Couch Yoga" activities ?


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  1. Lovely, it does look therapeutic. My couch therapy is crochet in winter.


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