Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Frock - an update

I finished the frock in time for the work function … almost ... just a little bit of hand stitching under the arm didn't quite get done.  I figured that the chances of anyone having their head in my armpit during the course of the evening was quite low so chose to feed my children and organise the babysitter instead.
I thought I might share some process pics with you.
This way you don't have to experience the swearing and the procrastinating that also accompanied the production of this dress.

This was the rough mock up as I was copying a dress hanging in the cupboard that sadly doesn't zip up anymore.

The bodice - with a few less pleats than the mock-up.

The satin binding was suggested by the lovely lady at Fabulous Fabrics.  
You buy it off the roll either there or at Spotlight - how did I not know about this???  
So simple and the result was great.

The invisible zip. God knows why I purchased this ?!?!?!  
I have never been able to figure them out and usually avoid them like the plague but for some reason I decided that I would give it another go.
I'm so glad I did as you tube saved the day.  
These things ARE really easy to put in if you know how.  Fancy that!!
Check out this clever chick if you want to know how ….
The invisible zip and I are now friends.  I may put them in everything.

I think the jeans and boots work quite well - don't you ??

And sadly, this tired little photo taken after we arrived home, without my shoes on, standing (well, slouching really) in a badly lit room is all I have of the finished dress.
You get the idea.
I think the dress itself may be a little long and I think the underdress could be a little shorter too.  Generally I am happy with it and one day I may even finish the hand sewing at the top of the zip.
Next project ….. maybe a quilt …. or maybe the mountains of laundry creeping down the hallway.


  1. I so envy your skills! I often have the vision but never the skills. Even went to a sewing course once but it was a disaster :-(
    Some people have just got that THANG! You do. The dress is gorgeous and I love the lace! Nice work!

    1. Thanks Rachel xx
      Maybe you should try again with the sewing course. I think the vision is the key - the skills can follow. I'm sure you will be great at it :)

  2. Very clever Jenny! I can't imagine sewing a zip of any kind into that delicate lace. Well done you!

  3. I have the utmost respect for your ability to construct a wearable piece of art!! I have no talent, nor patience for this. Great job!


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