Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Quilt No 6 Finished ... sort of....

Way back in another year (crikey, Jan 2012) and another state (ie we lived in Vic not WA) the second child chose the fabrics for her quilt at Amitie with the help of Lucy.

She has been very disappointed with the progress of HER quilt for quite some time.  Regularly suggesting that it will "never, ever, ever (insert sigh, pre-teen humphing and eye roll) get finished".

Ta da!!! Now it is finished  ....  sort of.

Finished enough to be on the bed and the couch and dragged around the house.

Finished enough to make a quilt ninja.

It still needs some more hand quilting in spots but that can happen another day ... or not.

The 2nd child is happy and now I can think about the next one .... which will hopefully not take quite as long.

Hope your projects are quicker than mine!


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