Thursday, 11 July 2013


Last week a very special lady took her last breath surrounded by her loving family.

During our last weekend with her we laughed, joked and cried as we held her hands, played music she loved and we even crocheted.
Weird I know, but it felt right.
Her wool, her hooks, in her bedroom just being with her.
It was the blind leading the blind as my sisters, a cousin, an Aunt and I tried to teach each other to crochet in honour of the expert that lay beside us.

Occasionally she blessed us with a smile, rolled her eyes (probably in horror at our lack of skill) and squeezed hands.  She was no doubt thinking "how am I related to these crazy, clumsy crocheters?".
My big sister's free-style dog -  very cool considering the last time she held a crochet hook was many decades ago.  She's the arty one.
My little sister's love heart which is just beautiful.  She had never held a crochet hook before.

It was a gift to be able to share that time with her and each other.

We joined our wonderful creations together to make a garland that my brothers, sisters and I draped over her casket - covering her with our love one last time.

She may not have approved of the quality but she would have been very impressed with all of the love, tears and determination hooked into every stitch.

Mum, we love you and we miss everything about you.
I know that you are now smiling, back in Dad's arms.


  1. Oh Jenny, my thoughts are with you. She sounds like a wonderful person.

  2. Oh Jenny, what a sad but lovely story. That garland represents so much. xx

  3. Jenny, that's a wonderful tribute, and so filled with love.... My thoughts are with you. xx

  4. yes she would have rolled her eyes but she would have been so proud of you all. She will be missed.


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