Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A New Little Man

Lots of excitement here as our newest family member arrived on Monday!
My sister had a baby on Monday - in the ambulance parked in her driveway!
Everyone is happy and well and getting to know each other.
Unfortunately we're waiting for our colds and flu to disappear before we can smother him with kisses and cuddles.

I bought this fabric a while ago just in case (and yes I bought girly bits too - can you ever have too much fabric ???).  
From the speed of his arrival, I think racing cars might be more his style rather than elephants!


  1. Oh gosh, that would have been an experience. Glad everything OK and yes, racing cars may be a better option.

  2. Congratulations - isn't being an aunt great.
    Love the elephants - that's a great colour.


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