Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Helping Peter Mac

Cool bike basket & image from Macpherson Crate Co on etsy

Did you know that a big group of people are hopping on their treddlies for a quick little jaunt around the Yarra Valley in October ????
Yep the "Ride To Conquer Cancer" is only a quick 200km (!!) through the Yarra Valley to raise money for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne.
Some of my siblings are doing it as we're in our 4th consecutive year of family members with cancer (although my brother's training schedule of just looking at the bike in the shed and thinking about maybe taking it out for a spin may not prove to be the most effective form of preparation).
Other people are doing it too including a girl called Bonnie.  She's having a Facebook auction this month to raise funds.  Pop over here to have a squiz, find something wonderful (possibly at a bargain price) and feel good that your money is going to help people.
You might even see a bit of Ohjoh in there too that you might like to buy ...
Her auction finishes at the end of May so check it out soon!

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