Monday, 14 May 2012

Fete List

Ok, I love a list - who doesn't ?
I am especially fond of a useful list.
If you are school fete people or ever feel the urge to get involved with handmade goodies for a fete, maybe this will be a useful list for you.

We had our school fete last weekend and it was thick drizzly rain all day, ah that's Melbourne for you, but still lots of fun!

Here is our little list of handmade goodies that we we sold at our Handmade stall. 
Some made by me, lots made by other very talented women at school and some made in craft groups in the school staff room over cake and coffee.

The Fete List
Bagtags/ key rings 

Felt bags & purses (knitted and felted by a VERY talented Mum)
Zipper pouches (see Nikki's book)
Buntings (wish I had taken photo of these they were beautiful!)
Long Sleeve T-shirts (decorated with applique and handstitching)
Drawstring bags
Fabric flower brooches
Letters on Canvas
Wheat bags
Dress-ups - fairy skirts, pirate hats & eye patches, hero capes
Hair ties - buttons & ribbons
Fabric Headbands with elastic
Fabric headbands (hand stitched over plastic headbands)
Flower head bands
Friendship bracelets - make you own kits
Make your own card kits
Cupcake toppers (so cute)
Door snakes

Door stoppers  

Lavendar pouches
Scarves (made from polar fleece)

Stuffed toys - owls and bunnies

Sorry I don't have pics of everything - that would have been sensible but at least I have some  ...

And as Blogger and I are not friends today (arrrgh!) everything is a bit all over the place and looks like a dog's breakfast.  Sorry, I'm hoping we can rectify our relationship soon ... maybe with some therapy or and/or a new pc!

Hope that someone might find this helpful.

Now I'm off to find the laundry floor.  We think it is in there somewhere but we can't be sure ...


  1. impressive! I don't have a great relationship with blogger either!

  2. Oh my giddy aunt! That's some super-crafting! And yes... Blogger and I have our little moments, too. A balance has to be struck between the deired layout and sanity.


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