Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Like riding a bike ....

The last time I used the knitting sticks was when grunge was go, hair was permed and pert was a word that I could use in reference to myself.

It has been a while.

Yesterday I spent 7 hours being Mum's chemo buddy. We take turns and all love it - when you are 1 of 5 kids having mum to yourself is a rare and special thing.

I had a one on one tutorial with an expert.

Knitting is like riding a bike.

And very therapeutic.

Crochet not so much. It made my brain hurt and my Mum laugh.


  1. My crochet makes people laugh too - in unfortunate circumstances what a lovely opportunity has come to you, time alone with your mum.

  2. Ah...pert.


    After the initial head hurt, I promise crochet is even easier than riding a bike. But at least you scored a few laughs!

  3. You made your Mum laugh! Wasn't that the purpose of spending the day with her??
    And the crochet thing does get easier!


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