Friday, 3 June 2011

Goings on....

Just a quick update on a few things on the go:

Am moving on with the nephew's cot quilt. Tried some machine quilting - disaster! So unpicked all of it and am sticking with the hand quilting. I may present it to him at his 21st birthday....
Finished sister's skirt just in time - she went to Sydney for a great wedding and said skirt is now covered in red wine - apparently it was a big night.

My skirt almost done but it was a terrible fit as I didn't factor in the stretchy nature of the fabric - der! So like any sensible woman, I've thrown it back in it's bag and have sent it to "time out" for misbehaving.

The lovely Kate for The Loaf & Lounge in Camperdown (pop in if you're down that way!!) has ordered some more aprons. Thanks Kate!

Part of me is saying YAY! and part of me is saying "... oh good god not them again ...". Today is "Suck it up Princess & get on with it!" Day. So the first 10 are cut out and ready to go.

Hope you all have a great weekend!



  1. I'm loving the look of that hand quilting!!
    Suck it up Princess!!

  2. He he put in time out - there's lots of badly behaved projects hanging around here too !

  3. hello from a fellow crafty mumma - just discovered your blog and am now following along!

  4. We are cut from the same cloth, we are. Also now subscribing to Suck It Up Princess and Get On With It day...

  5. Greetings and salutations Jen, love the blog (i will say that now because it may be considered impolite after a few wines, who knows what it could sound like). I read your reflections of Mrs Donaldson and that sent me back to a place i probably didn't need to go. This involved me (and a few others)quietly and carefully tying up her gate on muck up night. She did make it to school but i did not see her car. Love the work, can i see some more pictures?


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