Thursday, 5 December 2013

Kiddie card making and peace in the house

Today I stood in the post office and looked at the pack of 50 cards for $4.95 and was very tempted.
What a simple easy way to cover off school kid christmas cards.
Yep, easy but just not quite right at this moment in time.

Instead I headed to Riot Art & Craft.
From some pre-packed blank cards, stamp pads, stamps & stickers we had almost 3 hours of squabble free time -PRICELESS!

They laughed, stamped, stuck stickers and - good grief - even shared.
I nearly passed out from shock!

But being a mature, modern woman I know that it was a temporary moment.
Normal squabbling progamming has been restored.
Aaahh the peace was so nice.

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  1. Sounds gorgeous!! And a lovely end product too!! Well done to you all xxxx


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